1:1 Coaching


Unlock your potential with a transformative one-hour coaching session with Mitchell Pehlke. Receive personalized guidance and support tailored to YOUR specific needs! Look to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals with clarity and confidence!

What’s included:

Lacrosse Coaching ✔️ Taking your lacrosse game to the next level ➡️ Mitchell, your coach, is passionate and knowledgeable. Whether you’re a beginner or refining advanced skills, he’ll support and challenge you to improve. $300 Value Mitchell’s experience of playing at Ohio State and being immersed in the world of filming and broadcast, alongside the best in the field, contributes significantly to his expertise and knowledge!) 

Mentorship ✔️ Ultimate Guide ➡️ Mitchell offers valuable guidance and support to help you succeed. With his mentorship, gain confidence and skills to achieve your goals. ($300 Value Mitchell’s mentorship fosters essential skills, confidence, trust, and catalyzes personal and professional growth, ensuring success.)

Camp Building ✔️Camp Crafting ➡️ Mitchell is a camp-building expert with a passion for lacrosse camps. With his creativity and meticulous planning, he ensures the perfect blend of skill-building drills and fun activities on and off the field. ($200 Value based on all the extra revenue this will bring into your business!)

Content Creation ✔️Engagement  Navigator ➡️ Step into the world of content creation with Mitchell, a seasoned creator renowned for expertise and achievements spanning the past years. Mitchell is a trusted source of inspiration globally. ($300 Value Because there will be no more guessing or wasting time on how to market.)

Recruiting Process ✔️Prospect Strategist ➡️ Mitchell simplifies the recruiting journey by providing guidance and support. With his extensive network and insights, he assists athletes in crafting standout profiles and making connections with top programs. ($200 Value Mitchell streamlines recruiting, offering guidance and leveraging his network to enhance visibility and confidence, leading to greater athletic opportunities.)

Merch Design ✔️Expansion & Growth Blueprint ➡️ Mitchell enhances merch design skills, providing personalized assistance and answering questions to refine designs. ($100 Value Mitchell’s personalized guidance empowers individuals to create standout merch designs, elevating their brand with eye-catching creativity and increasing customer engagement!)

Total Value:  $1,400!

Your Price:  Only $300

*This program is easily worth $1,400 but Mitch is offering it to for an amazing promotional price of only $300!  Take advantage of this low cost and get next level 1:1 coaching today!*