Mentorship Program

Introducing an exclusive Mentorship Program led by Mitchell Pehlke, offering invaluable guidance and support for those seeking to unlock their full potential. Join our community with a recurring investment of $50, granting you access to bi-weekly coaching sessions and an interactive forum. 

What's Included:

Lacrosse Coaching ✔️ Taking your lacrosse game to the next level ➡️ Mitchell, your lacrosse coach, exudes passion and expertise. Whether you’re just starting out or honing advanced skills, he’s dedicated to nurturing your growth. ($300 Value, Mitchell’s extensive experience playing at Ohio State and his immersion in the world of filming and broadcasting alongside top professionals greatly enrich his knowledge and expertise!)

Personal Development ✔️ The best of the best ➡️ Experience Mitchell’s mentorship, where lacrosse skills and life lessons converge. As an adept coach, he instills confidence beyond the field, guiding you to excel in both lacrosse and life. ($300 Value, Premium sessions elevating lacrosse skills with Mitchell on and off the field!)

Injury Risk ✔️ Prevention ➡️ Mitchell, with his experience and knowledge in playing high-intensity sports like lacrosse, can be an invaluable resource in understanding the risks associated with such activities. ($100 Value By leveraging Mitchell’s expertise, individuals can make informed decisions about their health and well-being while pursuing their athletic passions.)

Long-Term Goals ✔️ Beyond lacrosse ➡️ Mitchell, having navigated the challenges of college lacrosse while keeping his eyes set on long-term aspirations, can offer invaluable guidance in mapping out future goals. With his experience balancing academic and athletic commitments, Mitchell can help individuals consider how their college experiences can shape their long-term trajectories. ($200 Think about your long-term goals beyond college lacrosse.)

Time Commitment ✔️ Balancing Act ➡️ Mitchell’s experience as a Division 1 lacrosse player equips him with a deep understanding of the demanding time commitments involved in both academics and athletics. He can provide valuable insights into effectively balancing rigorous training schedules, travel obligations for games, and academic responsibilities. ($100 Ensure you can balance your academic workload with your athletic responsibilities.)

Total Value:  $1,000!

Your Price:  Only $50/Month

*This program is easily worth $1,000 but Mitch is offering it to for an amazing promotional price of only $50 a month!  Take advantage of this low monthly cost and get next level mentorship today!*